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Diesel's Den

An outdoor party spot situated inside the go-cart track next to the fufi slide and sky-swings.


Mauser's Stoep

This party spot is ideal for 0-4 year old parties because it is situated on the main outdoor stoop area next to the 0-4 years indoor play area - "Tyto Town". It is located outside, covered with umbrellas and a large 10 seater table.

Portos's Place

Portos's Place is an outdoor party spot situated inside the go-cart track next to the BMX track and the "Flight and Feather" jungle gym.

Snippie's Spot

This spot is located close to the terraces next to the round sand pit and the 0-4 year old litter track under "Owl's Castle".  There will be a white stretch tent set-up in front of the party spot (on the grass) on the day.


Tinkie's Treat

Tinkie's treat is our large outdoor party spot consisting of a double container next to the fairy garden behind the jungle gym "Owl's Castle".

Tyto Alba

Pink Pamper

Pink Pamper is a double container with its own private area next to the main building. Spa parties needs to be booked directly with Pink Pamper Spa. Please visit www.pinkpamper.co.za or mail info@pinkpamper.co.za

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