Walk, Run…Fly


OUR Def:   eatery – eating house where food is traditionally shared and enjoyed with family and friends

Hyto Tyto Eatery opened its door is 1 Nov 2018 with a vision of a relaxed dining experience for the whole family.  We focus on our own unique dishes and strive to keep not only the kids taste buds happy but those of the parents too.

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Crowd Favourites

The Hyto Tyto Eatery will be delighted to serve you with a

range of food options. Here are our best sellers


Gourmet burger


180g beef patty, cheese, bacon with
onion rings

Grilled Chicken Breast


Healthy doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious

Beetroot and lamb


shredded lamb salad with cous-cous, almond flakes, ciabatta bits, feta and rocket

Meat Platter For 1


This one really speaks for itself

Monthly Chef Specials

Look out for our montly chef specials. Our creative chef and her team take pride in designing new dishes to keep our mouths watering.

Kids meals

Of course we are going to keep the little ones fed and full of energy

Here is a little preview of some of the kids favourites


Lekker-bek brekkie


Scrambled egg, 3x rasher bacon, cocktail viennas and toast

Bovril Sticks


Cheesy Bovril sticks served with cucumber, carrot sticks and dip

Karnallie Strips


Chicken strips and chips with dip

Pedro Pizza


Cheesy Margarita

Loki’s French Toast Fingers


French toast finger with maple syrup, cinnamon sugar and strawberries

Fido Frites


Chip and dip