Voucher Terms and Conditions

  1. Vouchers are valid for 3 years from the date of issue/purchase and valid for use at Hyto Tyto Midstream. Failure to use the voucher will cause the expiry of its balance.
  2. The amount that activates a voucher is the amount issued by Hyto Tyto. You can only use the voucher for its full value or for future deposits. If the voucher’s value does not cover the total bill, you must settle the difference. We will not transfer vouchers to cash or credit, nor do they accumulate interest.
  3. By using a voucher you accept these terms and conditions. Voucher is subject to the laws of South Africa.
  4. Your transaction will use the voucher’s unique number. We cannot be held responsible for unauthorised use of this voucher. We issue vouchers at our own discretion. If an unauthorised voucher has been distributed we are entitled to correct, cancel or reject that voucher. If we find an error against any voucher, we may correct the voucher after notifying you.
  5. You cannot use this voucher on public holidays or ‘special events at Hyto Tyto. Special events are charity evenings, mother/father’s day, live music shows and the like.
  6. Hyto Tyto keeps the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time.